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I'm striving to get these done by Sunday...

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Jul. 1st, 2006 | 05:58 am
mood: accomplished
music: Tears & Rainbows by Olivia
posted by: dj_ryuichi in djgravi_rpg_ooc

Gravitation RPG Comic Strip Sketches

• First Scenario >> The Kendo Match:

Frame 01

    Frame 02

    Frame 03

    Frame 04

    Frame 05 - Dead Eiri

    Frame 06 - Victory Na No Da!!! *chuu*

    Frame 07 - Mini Concert

• Second Scenario >> Valentine's Day

• Third Scenario >> Hiro's Revenge (Still deciding if I'm gonna include this or not)

• Fourth Seenario >> Ryuichi's Birthday

Will have to ink & color 'em in (add some backgrounds, too~)... & the other frames are in storyboard mode. 8D I guess I'll just edit this post as I make progress. But anyway, what do you think so far, guys? :3

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Comments {5}

From: dj_yuki_eiri
Date: Jul. 2nd, 2006 12:25 pm (UTC)

Eiri's reaction: >:|

My reaction: XD

This is why I can't write much of a believable post for Eiri regarding that concert. Because deep inside, I'm rooting for the guitarist =P

I need to get that out of my system ._.

It's Len's fault for writing such a good post XD

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