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Jul. 21st, 2006 | 10:25 pm
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music: Gravity of Love - Enigma
posted by: dj_maikoshindou in djgravi_rpg_ooc


*eyes dj_ryuichi*

Eheheh. I'm at fault here too. I'll be posting the catch-up piece on monday. I'll ask ryuichi to post at least the pics that she's finished. So that we can post at least *something* before July ends *ducks and hides*

And is it alright with everyone if I write the first post regarding our Kyoto adventure? I'll make it as, erm, involved as possible. So that you guys can fill in the blanks with what happened with your respective charas (since it's going to be from Maiko's POV).

So basically it's:

-Eiri going to the O-bon festival, which Shuichi gets wind of and ends up dragging Bad Luck+ along for the "vacation" to Kyoto. At Shu's insistence (?), they stay for the Gion Matsuri.

-Eiri and Tatsuha end up participating (read: carrying) the Hoko floats (refer to this post in our dj ooc for the Gion) and Bad Luck and Nittle Grasper playing on top of two floats.

-The guys get invited to a Geisha party (through Tohma), where a drunk Eiri loses a bet with a geisha and becomes one himself for a night. Maiko gets to be a, erm, maiko for a night too.

any storylines for the others? for Mika and Tohma? Another misadventure for Tatsuha? Send 'em in!

So, Catch up piece on Monday (i swear this time it will be updon't hurt me) then, hopefully after 3 days, the Kyoto primer hoo boy, I'll be deep into my Geisha books for this one

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