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Jul. 9th, 2006 | 10:33 pm
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posted by: dj_yuki_eiri in djgravi_rpg_ooc

Hi Everyone!

Let's make our move to LJ official ne?

From now on, please make it a point to update both your LJ and DJ blogs. The DJ community will be kept for the sake of archives. All interaction, however, shall be moved to LJ.

Here are the updated rules. Please take the time to read these again and/or refer to the RPG community info page:

(1) All we're asking is one or two paragraphs describing your character in a certain situation (so we'll know if you can get into the character's psyche). E-mail the applications to: preternatural_eiri at yahoo dot com and boy.lemons at gmail dot com. Please ensure that the subject line has the following tags: [GRAVI RPG] (character name) Audition. No original characters allowed. Sorry. For a list of available characters, please refer to the list above.

(2)Write in first person unless use of third person is justifiable (meaning it needs mod approval). For an example of justifiable use of the third person, refer to this post.

(3) Please post AT LEAST once every two weeks but we would really prefer if everybody posts ONCE a week (or at least COMMENT on posts). You can say/post anything as long as you're in character. If you don't post within 4 weeks, you will be contacted using the information you've provided in the contact info page and given a warning. If you don't post within 2 weeks after you've been given the warning, you will be removed.

(4) No god-moding. Do not use other characters without permission from the players. The contact info page can be found here, so not being able to contact the person who owns the character is not an excuse. Besides, there is also the OOC community which was created precisely for the purpose of discussing plot ideas. Use it.

(5) If you will not be available for an extended period of time (longer than one week), please leave a note in the OOC community [djgravi_rpg_ooc] stating the dates you will be gone, and when you can be expected to be available for role-playing again. It's only polite.

(6) OOC posts/comments must be posted in the OOC community ONLY. However, we do allow further information about certain topics (such as notes regarding your post) as long as the font size is smaller than the rest of the text. Click here for an example.

(7) Established pairs:
So far, Yuki x Shuichi, Tohma x Mika, Tatsuha x Ryuichi, Hiro x Ayaka, a budding Suguru x Maiko, but there's always more experiments fiddling around.

(8 ) As for the readers, feel free to leave comments! But please don't bash any of the players. We're doing this for fun, people!

I have heard from Ryu-chan that she and Maiko will be able to finish their post by Wednesday. For a preview on what they have so far, please click here.

So anytime after Wednesday, July 12, feel free to begin using your character's LJ for your posts. We have the Gion Matsuri to write about, as well as Bon Odori for those who wish to use it.

Also, if you could start advertising our move to LJ as well as refer people who are interested to play, that would be great!

Banners and such are to follow.

Thank you and that's all minna-san!

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From: dj_ryuichi
Date: Jul. 12th, 2006 04:54 pm (UTC)

Will have to move the summary post to Sunday. ;_; I'm sorry... I didn't expect myself to be busy last Monday & Tuesday.

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From: dj_yuki_eiri
Date: Jul. 13th, 2006 02:36 pm (UTC)

It's okay.

Hey, will you be available on Monday (I'm on leave)? For some Depp and Bloom on screen goodness ^__^

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