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as our first storyline for our move here in lj...

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Jun. 9th, 2006 | 04:18 am
posted by: dj_maikoshindou in djgravi_rpg_ooc


Around 12:30 (1630GMT) me, Marianne (Eiri), Len (Mika) and Ruby (Ryuichi) went into a Yahoo!conference to bat around ideas for possible storylines for the rpg.

Mika suggested an event to help usher our transition into LJ. That got us searching the net for festivals that take place in June (Unfortunately we just missed the Dontsuku Festival, "A fertility festival in which local geisha parade through the streets carrying carved phalluses in order to pray for harmonious marital relations and the prosperity of one's descendants. " XD). Eiri piped up withthe idea of the Gion Matsuri, which is a month-long festival held in Kyoto during the whole month of July. Though it is month-long, the highlight of the festival in on the 17th. Read details here and here.

An out-of-town trip and festival in the place where the Uesugis' grew up. Might be a nice way to kick-start our move to LJ! (there's this "Gravi-meets-Memoirs angle that flits through my head, blame Eiri for that T_T) Of course, everyone gets involved. Maybe...

† Eiri and Tatsuha (either by force or bribery, you choose) can act as the unofficial guides of the group around Kyoto. Adventures and hilarity ensue.

† Eiri sees that he's going to be pestered by his father. Maybe Tatsuha too will be forced by their father to participate in the festivals, since he's in buddhist school and all (and Marianne wants Eiri to be one of the people carrying the floats).

† Ruby wants Ryuichi to be on top of one of the floats. Marianne pointed out that since the larger Hoko floats feature musicians on it, why not put Nittle Grasper on one and Bad Luck on the other? ^^ And keeping in theme with the festival, they could wear traditional or period costumes (Ruby wants Ryu-chan to be in a yukata eventually ^^) and that their music be somehow re-arranged to sound traditional. Add to that a back-up troupe of traditional drummers and a dozen-or-so dancing geishas (or geikos, in the Kansai dialect) and we've got ourselves an extravaganza of a parade, something K could be proud of and Sakano have a biiig headache over ^^.

Well, that's what we mainly thought about. What do you guys think? Any other suggestions? If we all agree on it, how about other ideas on the individual stories that happen while we are all there? Like...

† Something in the way of being a Maiko (apprentice Geisha) for Maiko! ^^; heehee. Thanks to Eiri for pointing out the Maiko connection. It's pretty improbable, but hey, why not? I still have to think of a semi-probable reason though T_T; I haven't thought of anything for Sakano. Maybe one of the ideas for the others might trigger it.

The devil is in the details, so they say.

Hope to hear from you guys ASAP. The target date for the start of all this is the first week of July. So we have the whole month of June (or 23 days left) to think of stories. Before that, a recap entry (narrated by Maiko and illustrated by Ryu-chan! ^^) will be up as our very first post in the LJ comm. That will be up before June ends.

Am eagerly awaiting ideas for this one! ^_^ どうもありがおうございます。

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