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Jul. 21st, 2006 | 10:25 pm
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posted by: dj_maikoshindou in djgravi_rpg_ooc


*eyes dj_ryuichi*

Eheheh. I'm at fault here too. I'll be posting the catch-up piece on monday. I'll ask ryuichi to post at least the pics that she's finished. So that we can post at least *something* before July ends *ducks and hides*

And is it alright with everyone if I write the first post regarding our Kyoto adventure? I'll make it as, erm, involved as possible. So that you guys can fill in the blanks with what happened with your respective charas (since it's going to be from Maiko's POV).

So basically it's:

-Eiri going to the O-bon festival, which Shuichi gets wind of and ends up dragging Bad Luck+ along for the "vacation" to Kyoto. At Shu's insistence (?), they stay for the Gion Matsuri.

-Eiri and Tatsuha end up participating (read: carrying) the Hoko floats (refer to this post in our dj ooc for the Gion) and Bad Luck and Nittle Grasper playing on top of two floats.

-The guys get invited to a Geisha party (through Tohma), where a drunk Eiri loses a bet with a geisha and becomes one himself for a night. Maiko gets to be a, erm, maiko for a night too.

any storylines for the others? for Mika and Tohma? Another misadventure for Tatsuha? Send 'em in!

So, Catch up piece on Monday (i swear this time it will be updon't hurt me) then, hopefully after 3 days, the Kyoto primer hoo boy, I'll be deep into my Geisha books for this one

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(no subject)

Jul. 19th, 2006 | 12:46 pm
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music: Crazy - Alanis Morissette [cover]
posted by: dj_tatsuha in djgravi_rpg_ooc

Gah! Sorry I'm late with my post. *bows* When I suggested it, even! Time seemed to have suddenly disappeared, gomen. Bleh, crap crap. Regardless, Tatsuha's post goes over the O-bon festival, not the Gion Matsuri. I might wait a little longer to post that. I realize I need to do Tohma's post, which I'll do when I have energy again. 8}

Please tell me if Tat's post conflicted or clashed with your own post; I'll change what you want. ^^v I tried to have as little control of the other charries mentioned in the post.


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Plot Idea

Jul. 9th, 2006 | 10:43 pm
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posted by: dj_yuki_eiri in djgravi_rpg_ooc

Question: Does anyone here read Youka Nitta's Haru wo Daiteita?

Have you guys seen the extra tracks, specifically the one where they interview Katou about the contents of his bag?

What do you say to using the idea for our RPG?

Plot Bunny for the side arc under the cutCollapse )

What do you say guys?

Shuichi has volunteered to go first. I'll go next. Leave a comment if you would like to participate (I'm hoping everyone does), and indicate which week you'd like post (3rd, 4th, and so on). Even if some characters can't be interviewed (for Maiko and Tatsuha), they can still be included indirectly from the post of the person closest to them. For example, Ryuichi can have something in his bag that Tatsuha can write about. Same for Maiko and Suguru.

Since this is a side arc, I don't think it'd be too hard to do it. It can even run alongside whatever we currently have. And besides, it can be used just for fun ^__^ You can even use items other than a bag. For example, I'm thinking for Eiri it'd be his car inside cause I don't think he carries a purse. Or for Tohma and Mika, perhaps they can even do the interview as a couple?

Feel free to be creative. The point is to post!

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(no subject)

Jul. 9th, 2006 | 10:33 pm
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music: Sakura Kiss - Chieko Kanaba [fr Ouran High School Host Club]
posted by: dj_yuki_eiri in djgravi_rpg_ooc

Hi Everyone!

Let's make our move to LJ official ne?

From now on, please make it a point to update both your LJ and DJ blogs. The DJ community will be kept for the sake of archives. All interaction, however, shall be moved to LJ.

Here are the updated rules. Please take the time to read these again and/or refer to the RPG community info page:

(1) All we're asking is one or two paragraphs describing your character in a certain situation (so we'll know if you can get into the character's psyche). E-mail the applications to: preternatural_eiri at yahoo dot com and boy.lemons at gmail dot com. Please ensure that the subject line has the following tags: [GRAVI RPG] (character name) Audition. No original characters allowed. Sorry. For a list of available characters, please refer to the list above.

(2)Write in first person unless use of third person is justifiable (meaning it needs mod approval). For an example of justifiable use of the third person, refer to this post.

(3) Please post AT LEAST once every two weeks but we would really prefer if everybody posts ONCE a week (or at least COMMENT on posts). You can say/post anything as long as you're in character. If you don't post within 4 weeks, you will be contacted using the information you've provided in the contact info page and given a warning. If you don't post within 2 weeks after you've been given the warning, you will be removed.

(4) No god-moding. Do not use other characters without permission from the players. The contact info page can be found here, so not being able to contact the person who owns the character is not an excuse. Besides, there is also the OOC community which was created precisely for the purpose of discussing plot ideas. Use it.

(5) If you will not be available for an extended period of time (longer than one week), please leave a note in the OOC community [djgravi_rpg_ooc] stating the dates you will be gone, and when you can be expected to be available for role-playing again. It's only polite.

(6) OOC posts/comments must be posted in the OOC community ONLY. However, we do allow further information about certain topics (such as notes regarding your post) as long as the font size is smaller than the rest of the text. Click here for an example.

(7) Established pairs:
So far, Yuki x Shuichi, Tohma x Mika, Tatsuha x Ryuichi, Hiro x Ayaka, a budding Suguru x Maiko, but there's always more experiments fiddling around.

(8 ) As for the readers, feel free to leave comments! But please don't bash any of the players. We're doing this for fun, people!

I have heard from Ryu-chan that she and Maiko will be able to finish their post by Wednesday. For a preview on what they have so far, please click here.

So anytime after Wednesday, July 12, feel free to begin using your character's LJ for your posts. We have the Gion Matsuri to write about, as well as Bon Odori for those who wish to use it.

Also, if you could start advertising our move to LJ as well as refer people who are interested to play, that would be great!

Banners and such are to follow.

Thank you and that's all minna-san!

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hey guys!

Jul. 1st, 2006 | 11:46 pm
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music: Silbermond - Das Beste
posted by: dj_shuichi in djgravi_rpg_ooc

Is it ok if I put your contact infos up in our web page? Some of you might not be comfortable with that so I need to know.

Screencap under the cutCollapse )

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I'm striving to get these done by Sunday...

Jul. 1st, 2006 | 05:58 am
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music: Tears & Rainbows by Olivia
posted by: dj_ryuichi in djgravi_rpg_ooc

Gravitation RPG Comic Strip Sketches

• First Scenario >> The Kendo Match:

    Frame 01 - Tatsuha & Ryuichi Hanging OutCollapse )

    Frame 02 - CheerleadersCollapse )

    Frame 03 - Eiri & Tatsuha Face-offCollapse )

    Frame 04 - Ryuichi Glare!!!Collapse )

    Frame 05 - Dead Eiri

    Frame 06 - Victory Na No Da!!! *chuu*

    Frame 07 - Mini Concert

• Second Scenario >> Valentine's Day

• Third Scenario >> Hiro's Revenge (Still deciding if I'm gonna include this or not)

• Fourth Seenario >> Ryuichi's Birthday

Will have to ink & color 'em in (add some backgrounds, too~)... & the other frames are in storyboard mode. 8D I guess I'll just edit this post as I make progress. But anyway, what do you think so far, guys? :3

X-posted at the DJ OOC Community

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(no subject)

Jun. 19th, 2006 | 12:38 am
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music: We Are The Champions - Robbie Williams
posted by: dj_yuki_eiri in djgravi_rpg_ooc

Hey guys,

Just want to ask for updates from everyone.

Have you guys thought of ideas of the Gion Matsuri?

And are there any other plot bunnies you want to pursue before we get to that?

Btw, dj_ryuichi and dj_maikoshindou, how's the comic and narrative going? dj_mika_seguchi said you two are doing storyboards. Would you like to share what you have so far?

[x-posted at the DJ OOC community]

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as our first storyline for our move here in lj...

Jun. 9th, 2006 | 04:18 am
posted by: dj_maikoshindou in djgravi_rpg_ooc


Around 12:30 (1630GMT) me, Marianne (Eiri), Len (Mika) and Ruby (Ryuichi) went into a Yahoo!conference to bat around ideas for possible storylines for the rpg.

Mika suggested an event to help usher our transition into LJ. That got us searching the net for festivals that take place in June (Unfortunately we just missed the Dontsuku Festival, "A fertility festival in which local geisha parade through the streets carrying carved phalluses in order to pray for harmonious marital relations and the prosperity of one's descendants. " XD). Eiri piped up withthe idea of the Gion Matsuri, which is a month-long festival held in Kyoto during the whole month of July. Though it is month-long, the highlight of the festival in on the 17th. Read details here and here.

An out-of-town trip and festival in the place where the Uesugis' grew up. Might be a nice way to kick-start our move to LJ! (there's this "Gravi-meets-Memoirs angle that flits through my head, blame Eiri for that T_T) Of course, everyone gets involved. Maybe...

† Eiri and Tatsuha (either by force or bribery, you choose) can act as the unofficial guides of the group around Kyoto. Adventures and hilarity ensue.

† Eiri sees that he's going to be pestered by his father. Maybe Tatsuha too will be forced by their father to participate in the festivals, since he's in buddhist school and all (and Marianne wants Eiri to be one of the people carrying the floats).

† Ruby wants Ryuichi to be on top of one of the floats. Marianne pointed out that since the larger Hoko floats feature musicians on it, why not put Nittle Grasper on one and Bad Luck on the other? ^^ And keeping in theme with the festival, they could wear traditional or period costumes (Ruby wants Ryu-chan to be in a yukata eventually ^^) and that their music be somehow re-arranged to sound traditional. Add to that a back-up troupe of traditional drummers and a dozen-or-so dancing geishas (or geikos, in the Kansai dialect) and we've got ourselves an extravaganza of a parade, something K could be proud of and Sakano have a biiig headache over ^^.

Well, that's what we mainly thought about. What do you guys think? Any other suggestions? If we all agree on it, how about other ideas on the individual stories that happen while we are all there? Like...

† Something in the way of being a Maiko (apprentice Geisha) for Maiko! ^^; heehee. Thanks to Eiri for pointing out the Maiko connection. It's pretty improbable, but hey, why not? I still have to think of a semi-probable reason though T_T; I haven't thought of anything for Sakano. Maybe one of the ideas for the others might trigger it.

The devil is in the details, so they say.

Hope to hear from you guys ASAP. The target date for the start of all this is the first week of July. So we have the whole month of June (or 23 days left) to think of stories. Before that, a recap entry (narrated by Maiko and illustrated by Ryu-chan! ^^) will be up as our very first post in the LJ comm. That will be up before June ends.

Am eagerly awaiting ideas for this one! ^_^ どうもありがおうございます。

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back from hibernation

Jun. 8th, 2006 | 02:58 pm
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posted by: dj_shuichi in djgravi_rpg_ooc

Here's the breakdown of our things to do before July. If you have any questions or problems (too busy to do the task), please don't hesitate to tell me.


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(no subject)

Jun. 4th, 2006 | 03:48 pm
posted by: dj_gravirpg_ooc in djgravi_rpg_ooc

dj_tatsuha here. Just testing out the waters. HAHAHAHA I know the layout is too cute for this rpg, but it's so pink and cute... LIKE GRAVI. Anyway, it's temporary and for now, you can deaaal. XD Anyone who got an invitation to join, pleeeeease join!


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